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Dorado Alliance Group

Dorado Alliance Group includes:

  • DORADO ALLIANCE, LLC - coordinating and leading company;
  • Dorado-Druk, LLC - books factory;
  • Arsid, LLC - complex security services;
  • DUGLAS ALLIANCE - project development and management

Books production

Production of books is the most important distinguishing factor of the company's production capacity consisting of most recent and up-to-date equipment. First in Ukraine, we have installed the production line (of German manufacture) of soft and hard cover books. This equipment makes it possible to manufacture book products of all standards and formats, promptly and with high quality.

Protection and security services

  • organization, provision and support of the required level of physical security of the legal entities, VIP-persons and members of their families;
  • physical security of the facilities of different complexity level;
  • security and provision of public order during mass events;
  • design, installation and commissioning of security technical systems;
  • legal support which provides the solution of any situations in terms of security in the legal field;
  • provision of dog services.
Project management in industrial construction
  • development of the project management plans and control of the projects execution – financial, deadlines, quality control;
  • industrial construction of power projects, networks, industrial buildings and roads;
  • all types of surveys;
  • complex supply of the construction materials, machinery, devices and equipment.

All our companies have trustworthy experience and reputation not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in countries of Europe, Africa and South and East Asia. We have all required licenses and permits for all business areas specified. If you are interested in our offering, we are ready to additionally furnish all required documentation and information.

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