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Books production

Book Factory Dorado-Druk, LLC is an up-to-date printery, operating in Ukrainian market since 2006, which is specialized in production of books in soft cover and rendering post-press services to other printeries.


First in Ukraine we installed the soft cover books production line Perfecta Bookline S + Perfecta Circuit F (Germany).



Printing works are performed using the printing machine Heidelberg SM 74-PH (4+0, 2+2 color) and Adast Dominant 725 (1+1 color).

Automated combined folding machines GUK (Germany) have high process capability (parallel and perpendicular fold), equipped with nipping machines, which provide high bending quality.

Gathering machine Muller Martini (Switzerland) makes it possible to gather up to 12 folded copies per pass into single unbacked book, to work with paper of various densities and has a broad range of processable copy formats.

Semi-automatic book sewing machine BNS-6 is intended for sewing unbacked books together.

Unsewn adhesive book binding is provided by a high performance automated binder Perfecta (Germany), which provides all process operations required for high quality book binding.

Automatic trimming of books and brochures of various formats and thicknesses with a thermobinder is provided by universal three-sided trimming machine Perfecta (Germany).

Laminating works are performed using the roll laminator YDFM-720.

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